Out of the Abyss

Chapter 2

Susan (Kayla) and Kairon (Caleb) left the fortress with the NPCs. They made camp in a cave and when they woke up, they saw Fernlee (Katelin) and Luthdor (Andy) walking down a path. The two joined the group, and they all set out for Sloobludop, the closest town and home of The Kuo-toa.

On the way, the group were attacked by a Giant Rocktopus. The Rocktopus put up a good fight, incapacitating Kairon, but was ultimately defeated. The party made camp following the battle and were awakened by the sound of the Pristess Ilvara and a troop of drow. She offered the party a chance to surrender, but they decided instead to flee. Ilvara shot a spell after them, but missed, causing a cave in.

This is not the last the group has seen of their drow pursuers, though.


ThatDarnPat ThatDarnPat

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